What’s a thesis or dissertation embargo, and when to use.

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Proquest Dissertation Embargo

What’s a thesis or dissertation embargo, and when to use.

The embargo may be renewed only once, so that a dissertation may be embargoed for a maximum of four years, including the extension. An embargo renewal must be requested in writing at least one month before the original embargo has expired and may not be requested more than three months prior to the embargo expiration date.

Proquest Dissertation Embargo

Embargoes - Dissertations and Theses - Research Guides at.

Embargoing your Electronically Submitted Thesis or Dissertation. ETD Embargo Form. All master's and doctoral students at UNM must submit their theses and dissertations to Graduate Studies electronically for filing in UNM Library’s electronic, open-access database (UNM Digital Repository) where their work is accessible to internet search engines, such as Google.

Proquest Dissertation Embargo

Embargoing your Electronically Submitted Thesis or.

ProQuest Dissertation and Theses Dissemination program offers a number of mechanisms that can help address concerns about prior publication and its potential to impact future publishing opportunities. The following statement explains in detail how we assist author’s with prior publication concerns. Who can submit their dissertation?


The student is responsible for requesting an embargo of the dissertation. A student may independently choose among several levels of embargo for the copy of the dissertation that is deposited electronically with ProQuest. Embargo requests must be submitted before the final dissertation submission deadline with which the student is working.

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As part of the license agreement, ProQuest may sell student dissertations; if authors do not want any sales of their dissertation, they may permanently embargo it with ProQuest.

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Dissertation Embargo Request and Approval. Request ProQuest to embargo this dissertation for the reason stated below. I give NJIT the right to extend embargo in the future, if needed. Reason (Describe details below): Patent Publication Other Embargo start date Embargo end date (up to 3 years after start date) STEP 4: SIGNATURES. Student’s Name (Printed) Signature Date Dissertation.

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Completion of a dissertation or thesis is a tremendous accomplishment. Since 1938, ProQuest has curated these works to enhance their visibility and accessibility for the academic community. Through longstanding partnerships with more than 700 academic institutions, we have developed a trusted full-text archive of dissertations and theses that has been recognized as an Offsite Digital.


ProQuest Recent Newspapers titles are available individually or in regional collections. Coverage begins in the late 2000s and goes through the most recent issue with a 3-month embargo. ProQuest Recent Newspapers content is hosted on the ProQuest platform, fully searchable at the page level and cross-searchable with all other ProQuest products.

A dissertation author may choose to initially embargo the dissertation for a period of six months, one year, or two years. While a dissertation is embargoed, a record for the dissertation that includes a citation, abstract and additional details will appear in ProQuest databases and other indexes and catalogs, but the full text of the dissertation will not appear through ProQuest and will not.


With PQDT Open, you can read the full text of open access dissertations and theses free of charge. About PQDT Open Help (new window) Find Open Access Dissertations and Theses Search Tips. There are additional search options following the search buttons. Date.

Proquest Dissertation Embargo

Embargo - What Happens to Your Thesis or Dissertation (ETD.

An embargo is a restriction set on a work, typically to allow limited access to a work prior to wider dissemination. With reference to a thesis or dissertation, it similarly means limited access for a period, depending on a variety of considerations, followed by wider access thereafter. It does not mean no one will have access to the material at all. Theses and dissertations under embargo held.

Proquest Dissertation Embargo

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This email will postpone the electronic release of the dissertation in ProQuest. The maximum time to embargo a dissertation is five years. Masters Theses. During the thesis approval process, students should notify Terri Eastin, Master's Programs Coordinator, if they wish to embargo the thesis. The embargo period begins the date Graduate Studies approves the thesis and remains for the selected.

Proquest Dissertation Embargo

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In addition, a copy will be added to ProQuest’s Dissertations and Theses online database, a very well established database used by students and researchers internationally. Please note that this may affect access to the printed library copy of some theses in 2018, if this is the case there will be a note in the catalogue records of the individual thesis. Once a PhD thesis is added to SOAS.

Proquest Dissertation Embargo

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If approved, the embargo would apply to the dissertation in ProQuest, as well as in Princeton’s digital repository, DataSpace. Students in the sciences and engineering seeking patents or pursuing journal articles may be approved for a shorter embargo period. Students must apply for the embargo during the Advanced Degree Application process. More information can be found on the Graduate.

Proquest Dissertation Embargo

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Graduates wishing to extend their dissertation embargo must request and be granted a renewal; otherwise the dissertation will be fully released at the end of the initial two-year period. While a full restriction cannot be renewed an additional two years at the partial restriction level may be requested. The partial restriction may be extended for a fifth and final year only for purposes of.

Proquest Dissertation Embargo

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The IFA Dissertation Collection does not provide the option of an embargo period. However, authors can choose to submit at any point following the completion of their dissertation. When submitting your dissertation to ProQuest, you can opt to embargo fulltext access for a limited time. Q. Can I include images or other copyrighted materials? Images can be included in dissertations distributed.

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