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Dissertations On Financial Control And System


The main objective of the study was to establish the effect of internal control systems on financial performance in public institutions of higher learning in Nairobi City County. The study specific objectives were; to determine the effect of control activities, risk assessment, control environment, information and communication and monitoring on financial performance of institutions of higher.

Dissertations On Financial Control And System

Budget And Budgetary Control - UKEssays.com.

It was concluded that life, non- life and brokerage insurance companies paid much attention to their control systems. Recommendations were made to reinsurance, oil and gas, and lost adjuster firms in the industry to strengthen their information and communication systems.

Dissertations On Financial Control And System

Internal Controls: Identifying Control Elements and.

The purpose of this study is attempting to wading in the literature review related to The impact of management control systems on organizations performance based on 10 articles published in a wide.


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Influence of big data and analytics on management control.

Budgetary control can be described as complimentary concept defined by the budget. Budgetary control depicts different types and aspects of business expenses and ways of controlling the same. It concentrates on the expenditures and makes sure that all the departments and its activities acts accordingly and follow the budget properly. The budget.

Essays on Internal Control and External Auditing in the.

Thesis structure This thesis consists of five modules in which attempted a deep conceptual approach of internal audit and internal control system function in Greek Banks.

The Impact of Information and Communication Technology on.

This thesis examines the role of internal control and external auditing in the con-text of financial reporting quality. The truthfulness and reliability of companies’ financial reporting is essential for the decision-making of stakeholders and hence for economic functionality. The first two essays of the dissertation focus on in-ternal control over financial reporting, while the last two.


The study investigated and sought to establish the relationship between internal control systems and financial performance in Technical Training Institutions in Kenya. Internal controls were looked at from the perspective of Control Environment, Internal Audit and Control Activities whereas Financial performance focused on Liquidity, Accountability and Reporting as the measures of Financial.

Use of the costing system, budgeting system and performance evaluation system are significantly higher than for the decision support system and strategic management accounting, which indicates that the uptake of traditional MAPs is greater than for sophisticated MAPs. The results indicate that medium sized firms make greater use of all MAPs as opposed to small sized enterprises. The most.


Small businesses have limited financial resources and bargaining power. Long-distance suppliers, big fluctuation of demand and lack of formalized inventory control system result in HEM-SOL bad performance on inventory management. The authors analyze the col-lected data and establish a formal inventory control system as the solution to improve the company’s inventory management. 2.

Dissertations On Financial Control And System

University Doctoral (PhD) Dissertation Theses FINANCIAL.

There is a day- to- day review of effectiveness of internal control system and Unilever monitor its risks with ongoing basis. OPERATIONS CONTROLS: Operations Controls is the control in which you make sure that operations activities are carried out as they were planned. Operations Controls include following controls: Financial Control Budget Control Inventory Control Maintenance Control Cost.

Dissertations On Financial Control And System

Controlling System Within Unilever Commerce Essay.

The thesis observes that the Nigeria criminal justice system needs to deemphasise the restrictive use of traditional punishment like imprisonment and fine in controlling complex financial crime, and suggested the use of clearly defined negotiated pleas like DPA, NPA and plea bargain. In addition, argues that the social and cultural factors responsible for greed and impunity must be identified.

Dissertations On Financial Control And System

Importance of Internal Audit and Internal Control in an.

Introduction. When choosing a topic for your finance and accounting dissertation, you might not be confident of which area to explore. You might be caught up between a variety of topics, such as investment finance, financial practices of MNCs, ethics in finance, and more.

Dissertations On Financial Control And System

Effect of internal control on financial performance of.

Environmental monitoring, legislation requirements with a gap analysis case study - in the framework of environmental management system - (Dissertation confidential) Marsh, R. 1997: The Environmental Performance of the Chemical Industry: An Information Audit at National, Company and Site Level: Marshall, K. 2002.

Dissertations On Financial Control And System

Financial Fraud - Importance of an Internal Control System.

The dissertation is a proposal of a cost control system which has been designed taking into account the peculiarities of the Cuban maritime industry. National shipping companies will be able to survive and grow only if each unitary cost generated in operations is known, registered and controlled. A brief look is taken at the unfavourable situation of the majority of developing countries within.

Dissertations On Financial Control And System

A Comparative Analysis of the Control of Financial Crime.

This thesis investigates how changes regarding Management Control (MC) systems can be explained in response to an implementation of an ERP system, considering the pre-set objectives of the implementation. For this investigation, a single positivistic case study is conducted at BP, a firm which produces designer furniture and sells them to furniture stores. BP decided to implement the ERP.

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