Homework Choice Boards - 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade.

Homework Choice Board - Google Docs.

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Homework Choice Board

Homework Choice Boards - 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade.

Homework choice boards were born out of a need for easy, yet engaging homework to provide practice for students without overwhelming me as a teacher. I did not want to be stuck at the school for an extra hour or two each week assembling homework packets, but I was tired of students losing individual pages from their workbooks.

Homework Choice Board

Homework Choice Board - Google Docs.

Homework Choice Choose at least one of the options below.If you want to challenge yourself, try to do one activity from each section! Push yourself! ASK YOURSELF: WHAT ELSE? Family and Friends Activities Technology Activities Academic Activities Cook with a family member or friend. Teac.

Homework Choice Board

How I Use Choice Boards to Increase Student Engagement.

The Reading Homework Choice Board for Fiction offers you 10 different homework activities from which to choose. You supply the fictional story and over the course of the week assign an activity from the choice board. The activities are designed specifically for fiction pieces. The choice board elimi.


This is a homework choice board for social studies in the intermediate or elementary grades (grades 3-5). The activities range from the very simple to the more involved and will allow the teacher to include a differentiated review based on the students' levels of effort, time, and interests.The.

Homework Choice Boards - No More Boring Homework.

This Homework task board works for me over a term. It is designed for students approximately aged 8-10 to complement their curricular homework (reading and.

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Homework Choice Boards is your answer! Plus is it completely editable to suit the needs of distance learning! Let the kids decide which assignments they want to turn in. Each board has nine different assignments to pick from.

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Homework Choice Part 1. Choose at least one of the options below.If you want to challenge yourself, try to do one activity from each section!. Play a board game or card game. Care for a family pet. Ride your bike around the neighborhood. Offer to do something nice for a neighbor. Help a parent with a household chore. Make a model using Legos or building materials. Practice a musical.


This resources provides a homework choice board for students of design and technology. It suggests a number of homework challenges, differentiated into three areas: junior designer, senior designer or creative director. Homework tasks are varied and could be used to compliment exam revision. Show health and safety information.

Reading Choice Boards. Using choice boards is an effective (and easy prep) way to offer students choice when they are learning various reading skills. These reading choice boards allow you to offer your students choice while also ensuring they are practicing grade-level reading skills. The reading choice boards are perfect reading activities for reading centers, reading homework, and early.


Using Choice Boards: Differentiated Homework Choice Board: an organizer that contains a variety of activities. It provides students with options to practice skills or extend the curriculum. Differentiation of Content: Activities can address different skill levels. One reading.

Homework Choice Board

Ditch those homework packets with family choice boards.

Vocabulary Homework Choice Board Author: Ryan Dollard Created Date: 20140907003551Z.

Homework Choice Board

Giving Students a Choice with Their Learning - Achieve the.

Choice Boards - Alexis (Cullerton) Carella, Ph.D. Choice boards address student readiness, interest, or learning preferences. They are. 2. Use assessment data and student profiles to determine student readiness, learning styles, or interests.. about a homework machine.

Homework Choice Board

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Homework Choice Board December 13 Poetry Phonics Blending Phonemes Have fun singing the song, Time for Hibernation on the next page. (to the tune of Frere Jacques). Do you notice any rhyming words? Have some fun rhyming with silly goodbye phrases. See you later, alligator. Out the door, dinosaur. Bye-bye, butterfly. Be sweet, parakeet. Practice blending the following sounds together: “I’m.

Homework Choice Board

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Spelling Homework Choose an activity each night from the choice board below. You may not repeat any activity in the same week. Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Write the words three times each Rainbow words: write the words three times each, in different colors “Other Handed:” if you’re right handed, write all the words 2x each with your left hand, or vice versa Write the spelling word.

Homework Choice Board

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Spelling Homework Menu Spelling Word Activities Spelling Word Practice Spelling Words First Grade Homework First Grade Reading First Grade Spelling Choice Boards Word Work Speller's Choice Menu This FREE, no-prep Speller's Choice Menu can be used with any spelling list and is full of fun and cross-curricular activities.

Homework Choice Board

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Differentiating Instruction through Choice Boards. The following are tips to using Choice Boards for differentiated learning: When creating the boards be sure to have activities that cater to every learning style such as visual, auditory, read-write and kinesthetic. Boards can be created for weekly tasks, homework, projects and even assessments. Detailed instructions and requirements can be.

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