Who Is Obierika In Things Fall Apart Essays.

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Who Is Obierika In Things Fall Apart Essays.

There is a direct contrast in the characterisation of Okonkwo and Obierika that helps the reader in delving into the complexity of the psyche of the African people as they faced colonialism, a complexity that is rendered invisible by the colonial discourse on Africa.

Okonkwo And Obierika Essay Help

FREE Essay on Okonkwo and Obierika - Direct Essays.

Why didn’t Okonkwo heed Ezeudu’s advice? Is Okonkwo making up his own rules, regulations, and customs? Prove your points. Chapter 8 1. Compare and contrast Okonkwo and his friend Obierika.

Okonkwo And Obierika Essay Help

Who Is Obierika In Things Fall Apart Essay.

Obierika is Okonkwo's trustworthy, reasonable friend. Unlike Okonkwo, Obierika is thoughtful and intelligent. He is also compassionate and selfless. He tries his best to help his family, Okonkwo.


In Things Fall Apart, Obierika is a foil to Okonkwo. Okonkwo is very strong-minded, dogmatic, and hot-tempered, while Obierika is very calm, easy-going, and composed. To start off, Obierika is a foil to Okonkwo because Obierika is very calm, easy-going, and composed.

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Obierika repeatedly says that he is not home. When the Commissioner threatens the men, Obierika agrees to show him where Okonkwo is, expressing the hope that the Commissioner's men will help them. Obierika leads the Commissioner and his men to an area behind the compound, where Okonkwo's body hangs lifeless from a tree — a victim of suicide.

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Achebe uses the differing approaches of Okonkwo and Obierika in maintaining the cultural doctrines of the Ibo people to reveal his sympathy for Obierika over Okonkwo. Okonkwo’s motives for maintaining the customs of the Ibo originate with fear.

A Comparison of Okonkwo and Obierika, Two Characters in.

This is an important passage because it creates suspense. It creates suspense because if someone like Obierika is questioning his clan 's traditions then there are probably others. Obierika has questioned his traditions after the murder of Ikemefuna. It is people like Obierika eventually accept the new religion of the white man. 4. He drank.


Obierika asks them to help them take down the body. Since it is an abomination for a man to take his own life, his corpse is now considered evil and only strangers may touch it. The Umuofia will pay the missionaries to take down and bury Okonkwo’s body; then they will perform the proper rituals to consecrate the polluted land.

To make himself feel better, he visits his friend Obierika. Obierika is happy to see his friend because he wants Okonkwo to help him negotiate a bride-price with his daughter’s suitor. Okonkwo greets Obierika’s son, Maduka, the promising young wrestler. On seeing the young man, Okonkwo admits that he’s worried about Nwoye.


The thought overwhelms him, and Okonkwo feels nothing but despair. Visits from his good friend, Obierika, do little to cheer Okonkwo. News of the white man’s intrusion and the tribe’s reactions to it disturb him. His distance from the village, and his lack of connection to it, give him a sense of helplessness. Even worse, Okonkwo’s son, Nwoye, joins the white man’s mission efforts.

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Describe the character traits of Okonkwo, Nwoye, Obierika.

Okonkwo is furious they would kill a man who said nothing. The fear of white men has grown in the characters. Obierika tell Okonkwo about the events in their village and says he is going to keep harvesting and selling yams off of Okonkwo’s farm and give him the cowries from it, and that is why he carries the bags of them. Chapter 16.

Okonkwo And Obierika Essay Help

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What is chi? Explain the importance of chi in shaping Okonkwo's destiny. 5. Obierika is a foil for Okonkwo. That is, when compared to Okonkwo, the contrast between the two characters emphasizes the distinctive characteristics of Okonkwo. Compare the two characters — Obierika and Okonkwo. 6.

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After the men finish eating, Obierika tells Okonkwo that the bags of cowries he brought are the earnings Okonkwo’s abandoned yams fields. Obierika sold the yams, and intends to do the same for every year until Okonkwo returns. Okonkwo is very thankful to his friend for the help and money, and the two men continue to exchange news and jokes.

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When Obierika asks after his father, Nwoye responds sadly that Okonkwo isn’t his father anymore. The flashback ends. Okonkwo refuses to discuss Nwoye. Despite Okonkwo’s silence on the subject, Obierika pieces together the story of Nwoye and the missionaries from Okonkwo’s first wife. We get a flashback about what occurred.

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While Okonkwo wasn’t born to a nobleman or king (as the definition of a tragic hero states), he was a man of high status and respect in his community, as Obierika stated near the end of the book. “That man was one of the greatest men in Umuofia. ” (Achebe 208). Second, the novel follows the format of a Greek tragedy by presenting Okonkwo as a mixed character.

Okonkwo And Obierika Essay Help

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This is seen in chapter thirteen when Obierika mourns Okonkwo’s crime and questions it including his own. Okonkwo’s crime takes place at Ezedu’s funeral, when Okonkwo accidentally shoots and kills Ezedu’s youngest son during the farewell dance. This leads to Okonwo as well as his family to go into exile for seven years in his motherland Mbanta. The consequence of this action can be.

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